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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne
What can I say about this newest installment of trancetic surrender? It's not as much what I say as it is how I say it...there's something about My voice that has also subdued you, aroused you, put you as such ease...and the sound of the letter S is so trancetic...ssssssleep...ssssssssssssurrender...ssssssssssubmit...ssssssssssserve...the constant circular motion of My shiny slim silver pen...My words slither and slide down through you and around you...sssssssssqueezing out your will...making you sssssssssuccumb yet again to My feminine wilesssssssss...sssssssensual ssssssssplendor awaitsssss and awakensssssss the sssssssslave insssssssside...within thissssss trance ssssspace, you and I both undergo a renewal...though the effectssssss are quite different from Me to you...come and experience the metamorphasisssssss, My sssssssssleepy sssssssubmisssssssssive!

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