Sirens Scenes 5-8

Sirens Scenes 5-8

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

This recording is full of surprises, effects, background music, and much more to make you feel and believe you’re with Me on My island. There is a FREE 12 minute sample of this recording, this is the first 12 minutes of the recording. This is such a unique recording, I’drather leave the rest to be a surprise and blow your mind entirely with it. There are 8 scenes in this recording. I am offering the recording in two parts (scenes 1-4 and then scenes 5-8) for those of you not able to afford it all at once. Then of course you can also buy it as a whole (which is the way it was made to be) for a cheaper price. Scene one - you hear most of this scene in the free sample. Involves a quick introduction on siren mythology, then me quickly relaxing you with the sirens call, and you finding yourself lured by My voice to My island. Scene two - this scene takes place on the island shore, in a meadow, and the grotto. It has background music of the ocean and then music of it sounding like you’re in the forest. My seductive ways lure you to come to Me. Of course you don’t want to go back out into that cruel open see, who knows what could happen to you. So you come to Me where you can rest and relax, where it’s safe and warm. Not only does My voice seduce you, but My body and especially My breasts. You cannot resist Me and before you know it we are walking hand in hand together, as I show you My island. I show you the meadow where Me and My sisters spend a lot of times lounging around, relaxing, and getting our bodies nice and tanned by the wonderful sun, naked. Followed by the waterfall where I inform you of what we do there... I’ll leave that to the imagination. You’re so nervous sweetie, don’t worry your in Princess Angels hands now. I calm you down as we finally approach our palace which was built by slave labor, but you aren’t quite sure of what I mean by that yet. Scene three - You find yourself walking with your hand in my hand as I lead you into a grand stone palace with innumerable rooms, you see that it’s luxuriously decorated and stupendously spacious. You cannot help but notice the young maidens whom seem to be everywhere in the palace, serving plates filled with wine, fruit and cheese. The maidens are extraordinarily eye catching, since they are wearing loose sheer gowns. I show you around the castle a little bit and then give you a special cup of wine. You find the wine making you very relaxed as you begin to focus again on My breasts. I continue to encourage you to drink all of your wine and be a good boy, of course you obey, and find yourself passing out right in between My luscious breasts...already falling under My spell. Scene four - You hear a voice telling you to wake up. You then realize it’s My voice, telling you to wake up because it’s time for you to start your new life with Me. Finding yourself waking up and surrounded by steel bars. Yes you’re in a little steel cage for Me, right where I’m going to keep you cooped up from now on, this little kennel is now your new home...forever. Finding yourself in a kennel on an outdoor patio at My palace outside of My bedroom. In the distance you can hear the same seductive sounds that lured you here and waves crashing against the shore. I instruct you to crawl to the corner of your cage and look down at the patios below you, outside of My sisters bedrooms. Then you come to realize you’re not alone here, there are lots of other young men who got strandered here and surrendered to us. I also go on to inform you just how our castle came to be and how it was built...... After I tell you all of that you’re slowly starting to realize the gravity of your situation. You’re on a distant, strange island, isolated from everyone you know and instead of going home, you are helpless to prevent yourself from spending the last years of your life in service to a beautiful young Princess - Me - who has captured you and imprisoned you for her purposes. There’s nothing you can do about it. There’s no one you can summon or call for help, there’s nothing you can do to escape, and there’s definitely, certainly no hope for mercy from Me. But why would you want to escape Me Mr sailor man? Just look at Me and My amazing body, especially My breasts. You find that you don’t want to leave Me, how could anyone want to leave this perfection, this perfect situation? You come to realize, that yes, your last years on earth are best spent serving Me. hehe and if you haven’t noticed by now there is another little feature of your new life that you’re now just starting to realize. Yes you’re wearing a little plastic penis tube. This is your new little piece of hardware and you’re going to wear this for Me from now on - permanently, it’s part of you now. It will prevent you from releasing or even touching your penis and i twill frustrate you oh so much in your remaining years. Yes this little toy of Mine here will prevent you from having ejaculations or even having erections and I keep the only keys to it. But once a month there is a chance of getting out of it and that is only if....... Scene five - this scene is a beach on the sirens island in the bright morning sunshine. There is a small beach just big enough for Me to drill about a half dozen of My prisoners in morning exercises to get them all conditioned for a long hard day of work. This is quite a fun scene with several exercises to get you nice and in shape, including me teasing and taunting you, and maybe even having to get My whip out to make sure you are all on top of your game. Many effects in this scene including waves, whipes, males moaning and groaning, etc. Scene 6 - still on the island and this time I focus especially on you and your training. As the boys each go to their assigned jobs you get to stay with Me for some puppy training. Yes I’ve decided to pick you as my new puppy. Training includes a collar, leash, learning how to play fetch and much more. Yes you even get your own set of dog tags, how special do you feel sweetie? We spend a lot of time training and since you’ve done such a good job, you’re in for a special treat. We approach a stream in the woods and I inform you of this special treat. Your cage will be coming off and I will be...... Scene 7 - This scene is a large, underground dungeon supervised by Princess Angel, whose sailor boy prisoners suffer for My entertainment whenever I want. There are several large, heavy wooden beams lining the room, supported by posts that life them several feet into the air, creating rows where all the prisoners are standing up, with their wrists locked into chains fixed into the beams. I come around and expect each of your chastity belts, each of you for any laziness or disobedience, and I may even put some new toys on you =). We also have some great fun and get to play what I call a “Me versus you game.” Of course you should know by now that I always in. But you’ll still push yourself hard for Me. I also can’t help but tease you boys over and over, and wow look at all of that dripping coming out of those cages!! Scene 8 - My bedroom patio again. As I lock you back up in your cage, I remind you over and over again about your new life and your future. A life you will now look forward to, a life of servitude towards Me, a life at always focusing on please Me and Me only. Are you ready to be seduced by the siren? Let her lead you into temptation? You can’t resist, no one ever resists. It’s will be Mine.

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