Slave To My Rhythm

Slave To My Rhythm

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne
I can make you need to submit to Me so many ways, pet...yet one of the strongest commonalities about these ways is summed up in one word...rhythm...there is a musicality to Me...the way words flow out of Me...but also being a percussionist and a DJ, I have a deeper sense of rhythm than this most intoxicating experience, I lure you deep down into trance until you find your way to My private club...Glisten...coming to listen to Glisten...not DJ Glisten...just Glisten, which is the name I use when I DJ at clubs locally...once inside, your mind, body and sense become consumed in My rhythms and beats...using them to seduce each and every one of you...trancetizing you in motion...lost in the motion and the emotion of the release...finding yourself so perfectly obedient to Me as I turn you into My dancing puppet...I've also included My own DJ mix underneath the sweep you away...and make your lips Glisten...and your body Glisten...and your mind Glisten...whenever you come to Glisten, you come to Glisten and then you come FOR Glisten...don't worry, slave...I have your full access V.I.P. card right here...come on in and let Me pull your strings now, My plaything.

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