Slutty Cum Bimbo Process 2

Slutty Cum Bimbo Process 2

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

Phase 2: I'll continue to form your body, mind, and soul into a girly girl. Then we'll start to focus on your love for yummy cummy. Yes you will grow a great love for cock and cum here. You find it's so much more fun to become a dirty slut, a cum slut, cum guzzler. Yes nothing but a slut who craves cock and cum. You find your worth in sexually pleasing others constantly, that is what you begin to live for. Your new life is now completely focused around being a slutty bimbo cock and cum guzzling whore. You will find that the thought of all of this excites you. Yes your clitty also throbs along with these thoughts and future actions. Here I also introduce you to your new name. A name that you'll go by from here on out. This name you will always use to introduce yourself as, you may even use this name on all of your legal documents from here on out. You'll know that some close people in your life may not accept this new name or new life, but you don't care, this is the new you and you love it. Taking this process even deeper, I will implement memories into your mind. Yes memories of you growing up as a little girl. Because every real girl has their memories of their cute outfits, first crushes, first times of masturbation, and so forth. You as a girl will also now have these types of memories. You will remember when your first crush touched you in a sexual manner and how it excited you, along with many other fond memories of being a little girl, yes a real girl. Finding that even at an early age you loved the attention from men and loved to be a naughty flirt. These memories I give you, become your real memories. You even begin to detest and hate certain features about males, like all women do. So of course you cannot be a real man, because you hate many aspects of real men - only loving their cock and cum. 33:26min $49.99 

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