Slutty Cum Bimbo Processes 1-3 SAVE $25

Slutty Cum Bimbo Processes 1-3 SAVE $25

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

This recording involves slutty cum bimbo process 1 to 3. By buying it as one whole recording you save $25. In this recording there is a short pause, which means you're then moving on to the next phase. All three recordings are put into one, with a short pause in between. The description and sample of each of the three recordings can be found below. Here you are taken through a complete process of transformation. A process of being a male to become a female. Not just any female though, a slutty cock and cum craving slutty bimbo. Unlike other recordings there isn't much of a humiliation aspect, but rather a process of you accepting your inner slut, inner girlie girl, inner cum craving cock gobbler. Each recording is essential to the next recording, because there are several trigger phrases in each that is used in the next. So it is important to buy all and listen to them in order (I will offer a combo deal). For now let Me take you through this process, without giving too much away: Phase 1: Of course I begin by relaxing you, making sure you're down and ready - ready to obey. Making sure you're ready to accept the true you, the side of you that may have been in hiding for a very long time. Yes ready to come to terms with the true you and accept your inner girl, yes a slutty bimbo girl. You begin to accept the fact that you were born with the wrong genitals, that you were not meant to have a penis but rather a pussy. Yes your mothers womb made a mistake and you know this now, you must admit this now. Once you've accepted this, you begin to picture the female version of you. What she looks like and who she is, yes picture that slutty girl inside of you. What kind of makeup does she wear? What kind of clothes does she like? You begin to figure out what she (your inner girl) wants and needs, because now you need to make her happy so she can come out and play. You may even find yourself starting to going out and shopping for her, to dress her up nicely or however she sees fit. We will continue the adventure of bringing her to the surface, but of course you must first get rid of that "cock" and grow a clitty to become a real girl. So that's what we'll do, we'll transform your dicklet into a clitty, a sensitive clitty ready to give others pleasure. We'll even shape your breasts and other body parts to start completely transforming you. Even down to making sure you're nice and shaved, like any proper woman would be. Yes here in phase one we focus on your acceptance, mental and physical transformation. Then it's time for phase 2. 41:17min $59.99 Phase 2: I'll continue to form your body, mind, and soul into a girly girl. Then we'll start to focus on your love for yummy cummy. Yes you will grow a great love for cock and cum here. You find it's so much more fun to become a dirty slut, a cum slut, cum guzzler. Yes nothing but a slut who craves cock and cum. You find your worth in sexually pleasing others constantly, that is what you begin to live for. Your new life is now completely focused around being a slutty bimbo cock and cum guzzling whore. You will find that the thought of all of this excites you. Yes your clitty also throbs along with these thoughts and future actions. Here I also introduce you to your new name. A name that you'll go by from here on out. This name you will always use to introduce yourself as, you may even use this name on all of your legal documents from here on out. You'll know that some close people in your life may not accept this new name or new life, but you don't care, this is the new you and you love it. Taking this process even deeper, I will implement memories into your mind. Yes memories of you growing up as a little girl. Because every real girl has their memories of their cute outfits, first crushes, first times of masturbation, and so forth. You as a girl will also now have these types of memories. You will remember when your first crush touched you in a sexual manner and how it excited you, along with many other fond memories of being a little girl, yes a real girl. Finding that even at an early age you loved the attention from men and loved to be a naughty flirt. These memories I give you, become your real memories. You even begin to detest and hate certain features about males, like all women do. So of course you cannot be a real man, because you hate many aspects of real men - only loving their cock and cum. 33:26min $49.99  Phase 3: This is where you become the bimbo you've always meant to be. Emptying your mind as most bimbos do. Become an air headed cock and cum lover, nothing else. Becoming the girl you've always been and always wanted to be - a dirty air headed bimbo slut, that craves and loves cock and cum. You begin to focus even more on the girl you want to become - what she wears, how she pampers herself, what her body is like, etc. You finish shaping her completely and your complete focus is now on sexual pleasure. You live for sex and pleasing others. It is always on your mind. It is the best thing to you, your favorite thing, you never want to do anything else other than bring sexual pleasure to others. Your daily goal is to lick and suck the cum out of others. You begin to accept that many of your body parts were made to extract yummy cummy from others - your hands, your mouth, lips, tongue, throat, clitty, and other parts. The taste of cum is better than any other taste in the world to you, it is heaven, it is divine in your mind. You even begin to realize that the more cum you get, the more you become the perfect female in your eyes. So you must get as much cum as you can, so you can completely transform into the most sensuous female you could ever imagine. This then brings you over the edge to being a cum addict, a junkie for cum, nothing but a cum guzzling whore. You want and need to constantly be surrounded, filled, and covered in others sweet cum. Yes by the end not only will you be transformed into a girl, but a cock loving and cum crazy bimbo slut. 28:18min $44.99 

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