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Surrender Part 9 - The Accelerator

Surrender Part 9 - The Accelerator

A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Samba Alex

Imagine that every hypnosis file that you listen to is becoming more effective, much more quickly than they ever have before. This is going to happen when you choose to listen to this file. They are going to work for you so very, very well. Your mind will accept them instantly, devouring the words, taking them in, embracing them, making them a part of you. It does not matter what the content of the file is. You will double your acceptance. You will double your suggestibility each time you listen. It doesn't matter if you resist the file or not. The moment you listened, you accepted some small part of it. The next time you listen, you will accept twice as much, and very soon, you will be accepting the entire file no matter what the content, no matter what your own personal desires might be.

This is a very powerful file, and it will make all other files work much better and it will increase the intense of all suggestions to a new level.

This femdom erotic hypnosis is 36 min long and I use brainwaves and soft background music.

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  • Author: tigger4U
    Powerful hypnosis trigger loop, wonderfully amplifies all other files; submit to sambasweb's Supreme Hypnodomme!
  • Author: Dave M
    Longer intro, leads you down very deep. Alone this file is incredible, increasing your need to listen to her, increasing your submission to her. Then on top of that, it increases the effects of her other files. After using this file, the other files only take a week of daily listening before their effects are significant. Definately worth it!