Surrender - Success Meditation

Surrender - Success Meditation

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A femdom erotic trance by Penelope Silke
When you regularly listen to this sensually enslaving mind control program, you want to follow My suggestions and My commands. You want to obey Me because it pleases Me. You enjoy pleasing Me…by following each of My suggestions and commands. Obeying Me is your pleasure. You feel arousal and pleasure when you obey Me. Pleasure in your mind and your body…just by coming along with Me for a little while…

And simply the pleasure of My voice keeps you listening…reinforcing these ideas within you.

Loop this file and within days you'll notice your excitement growing as you think about being Mine.

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Customer Reviews

Thomas Patterson

This is an astonishingly good program. It definitely does what Lady Penelope says -- it enslaves and controls. And it also improves the listener. The way I've used it is to focus first, before starting the program, on calming my breathing, and then I picture a goal, an aim, an objective. I really, really picture it. Then I start the program. Lady Penelope instantly takes me very deep, and the goal that I pictured simply rivets itself onto my brain, seeps into the whole of me. It's a great way to refresh yourself for a work project, for a sport, for working out, for any goal you might have. I totally recommend it.

Thomas Patterson