TV Takeover, TV Makeover

TV Takeover, TV Makeover

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne

By now, My femme sluts are accustomed to feeling a certain way when they listen to My voice...expecting My voice to soothe gently take away their worries and silly cluttered thoughts...and maybe watching the "boob tube"...the TV...seeing sexy models receiving instruction...given makeovers...transformations...soon it is YOU who is transfixed, transferred and thus transformed...right thru the screen with the soft red pulsing flashing light...not aware initially that it's Mistress Joanne giving the makeover...Hostess of the show...Mistress of the ceremonies...I draw you in and soon you're experiencing the sexy makeover...trapped in the TV...trapped inside whilst I change the channel and poof, you are on the adult channel like a Playboy sex bunny at the photo shoot...still lost in the flashing red sexy mesmerizing light of the camera...the channel changes again and it's a XXX orgy and you're the sluttiest whore of them all...servicing men and women time and time again...performing free of limit and inhibition, mindlessly obeying Me as you are molded into My most reliable on cue sex toy and slave girl...the men circle around you as you prepare for the MONEY SHOT! Give yourself to Me in this most twisted and deliriously mind-bending and gender-bending way...Better do your best to not forget this now because conscious recollection will be fleeting, faint and then finished...I now return you to your regularly scheduled feminization sex slave programming.

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