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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

Are you straight or gay? I know. You know you're straight and others know you're straight. Even though you may think about other guys and how it would be hot to be with one sexually, but of course that doesn't make you gay. I mean all guys do that right? Women always turn you on, while men only turn you on sometimes. So you can't be gay. You may fantasize about it sometimes, but afterwards you feel guilty and disgusting, with women you never feel like that. So you must be straight and there is no way in hell you're gay, right? But then you are laying down, visualizing a hot sexy woman jerking you off. You then open your eyes to see a man. You go to yell at him, but it feels so good, so you don't stop. He knows how to touch and exactly where to touch you, like no woman has before. You aren't sucking his cock or getting fucked by him, he is just pleasing you. This doesn't make you gay, any other guy would do this if they felt how good it felt, right? Especially since he is the one touching you in a gay sexual way, you're not touching him. Then he stops and you realize you aren't here for your pleasure but his. But there is no way you'd do that because you're not gay. Then you hear a door open and you see it is Me. You get some reassurance you're straight, when you get so turned on by how beautiful I am and how amazing I look. Then I walk over to you, hearing My heels hit the wood floor as I approach. I then give you orders you cannot disobey. By the end of this recording you'll find out the answer to your question and realize that if you weren't gay, you wouldn't get this turned on, and if you weren't gay you definitely wouldn't... MP3 35:49min $59.99 

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