The Ghost Inside Your Mind

The Ghost Inside Your Mind

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A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst

A Halloween treat featuring my favorite spooky topic: Ghosts!

In this terrifyingly erotic recording, I will take you to my very favorite ghost hunting spot: Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. I lead you inside this massive haunted structure, right up to the creepiest floor. Sprinkled with real life descriptions of the building and my own personal experience there, we head up to the 4th floor to Ward R - the most active spot of the former Asylum.

We make our way past ghostly whispers, doors moving on their own, disembodied footsteps, and phantom cool breezes, until we reach the hot spot. I have you sit down on the dusty wooden floor to become ghost bait. There's an active ghost in this ward who wants to be noticed and has a message that needs to be heard. I drop you back into a deep trancetic sleep so that you can access the message from the ghost.

As the ghost speaks to your mind, you are oven taken by commands to touch yourself... right there... right now! You are commanded to surrender your sex and masturbate. You are no longer in control. The Ghost Inside Your Mind controls you.

Features: 10-1 countdowns, Deep (snap) trigger, JOI, triple voice track commands, repetition commands, FemDom Erotic trance by Mistress Amethyst. Copyright 2014

42 Minutes

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There's something about this session that calls me to it. The ghost got inside my mind, and it brings me back each year. Mistress Amethyst's first ever Halloween session is a special experience in her passion for ghost hunting. A fantasy to be sure, but somehow it feels more real than other more realistic fantasy sessions. It starts with a short induction, and gets you in the mood to join Mistress Amethyst in one of her favorite places: Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. She's made some special arrangements, and worked out a private tour for just the two of you. No need to be scared. Mistress Amethyst is there to keep you safe as always. As she brings you through the building, she describes the scene in vivid detail, and you'll easily fill in anything she leaves out. As she brings you deep into the asylum, you may begin to hear things. Of course, it's nothing. Ghosts aren't real right? Besides, it's too late by then. There's no turning back. When you finally make it to your destination, you'll be right where she wants you. You may think you have a good guess who the ghost is, but I think you'll still be surprised by what you find. This session really demonstrates Amethyst's ability to sell the story with her words and editing. The multiple tracks, echoes, and prose all blend together to create a fantastic session for the spooky season. So join Mistress Amethyst on a journey of a lifetime into the depths of your mind. What better way to spend a dark October night?

Dan Evans

I tried this file not really knowing what was going to happen to me as a result, being drawn into trance, being lured to the most dangerous part of a former lunatic asylum, being lured to the ghost of the violently insane. The more I was drawn into the scary violent crazy uncertain 4th floor of the lunatic asylum, the more paralyzed my body became, the more I was being lead into a deep dark deception of insanity. The description of this file does not tell you everything that will happen or be done to you. After listening to The Ghost Inside Your Mind, I actually woke up during the middle of the night feeling like I was being transformed and possessed by deep dark sexual desires. But seriously, you should download and listen to this file and it’s not like your your going to be drawn into insanity, or like I ‘m really possessed, or crazy, he, he, he! Sorry, I felt like laughing for some reason. Trust me the deep horror and terror you experience will lead to intense sexual desire and orgasm. (I’m hearing evil laughter or giggle go through my mind right now.)

Dan Evans