The Glass Box 3

The Glass Box 3

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne

After hearing The Glass Box 1 & 2, its far too late to turn back now, My sweet...this series has been an exercise in orgasm tease & denial...and in this installment, your torment is taken to a new level...implementing a combination of overload and confusion techniques, I once again have you right where I want you...back down deeper than ever under the seductive fluidity of My voice, you discover that I know of slavish weakness...fetishes you try to hide from others, but I see right through...the tantalizing torment continues as I subject your senses to so many of My toys...whether you're kissing My black stiletto heels...or feeling My fingernails slowly drag down your chest...or feeling the sting of My riding crop, you learn in this place how I want you...and how I wish to toy with you...during this session, you are rendered immobile while I use My red marker to define mark you...the words are written upon your very psyche...finding that you never want to escape yet discovering your need for imminent all makes sense within the confines of The Glass will be frozen in mind and body until I make you chant My name all the way to ecstasy...again, this mp3 is not intended for those who suffer from claustrophobia...having said that, you've been such a pleasing captive that I may consider rewarding you this time...either way, in The Glass Box...nirvana awaits you, My slave.

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