The Glass Box 4

The Glass Box 4

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne

I realize that there are some of you with pent up feelings that seem conflicting in your everyday're quite happy as a man and to express yourself as such...and yet...maybe it's a nagging curiosity that tugs at you...what would it be like to feel like a woman? or perhaps you simply want to feel My control at such extremes that I can alter your perception of your own mind and's even possible that, deep down, there's a female trapped inside of you...a submissive slave girl longing to be shaped and ironic that I help you give her freedom by trapping you within My glass box...this session addresses male to female metamorphosis during the dream state...once you rest comfortably in My glass box, prepare to be wrapped in a cocoon of My divine feminine power...ensconced in red velvet...once the transformation is complete and you've pledged yourself to Me yet again, the question begs: will I permit your sexual release or shall I tease and torment you again? listen and discover for yourself...those who suffer from claustrophobia should not listen to this recording...all others come inside and see how the other side even deeper level of submission to My will awaits.

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