The Glass Box 5

The Glass Box 5

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne

If you want a quick session without depth, you're looking in entirely the wrong place, slave...because, in this newest installment of The Glass Box series, the deepening is relentless...there is no reprieve...instead, there is a bottomless chasm of submission-induced My presence, you are held mental captive by Me for more than an hour...just imagine the profound effect I'll have upon you in such a lengthy span of time...this recording is obviously geared toward a listener who has a curiosity...a fetish...for watching sexy women smoking cigarettes in a most elegant and seductive manner...or smoking using a shiny silver holder...feeling so helpless, not to mention immobile as're a sitting duck, so to speak, as I further indoctrinate you to My exquisitely seductive control...will I allow you release? will I demand it? will I deny you yet again? time to find out...time for you to come visit Me in My special smoke chamber...not to worry, slave...I won't make you smoke if you desire not to...however, you will watch Me and once you have, you will forever give in to your growing desire to watch Me smoke...this mp3 does employ a myriad of suggestions and multi-layered audio and should not be listened to by anyone who is claustrophobic...Gotta light, slave? If not, I'll find someone who does...catch My drift(ing smoke), slave? I thought so.

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