The Roaming Hands Loop

The Roaming Hands Loop

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A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst


As I guide your hands to sensitive areas of your body, your trance & arousal level are profoundly deepened.

Use this title on it’s own to build arousal, or as part of a playlist. In this loop, I will guide you to run your hand along your body, stimulating certain pleasure centers. All you have to do is relax, listen to my voice, and let your hands roam where I instruct you, and you will feel that arousal building. If you use this title as part of a playlist, this title will be perfect to take a break from stroking, and just explore your body. Think of it as self-foreplay. Mmm soooo hot!

Features: Using breasts as trance induction & deepener, breast worship & suckling, fractionation trance, double voice tracks, 14 minutes of FemDom & Erotic trance by Mistress Amethyst Copyright 2014

Either stack the loops in an order of your choice OR create a Loop playlist and hit random baby Possible ways to use a playlist:

  1. Put all the loops in a playlist roll the dice (1). Whatever # you get is the # of loops that you will listen to. If you get 1, then roll again to see how many time you will listen to that 1 loop. If you get 3, then you will only listen to the first 3 loops that play at random. Will an orgasm be part of it? Or will you end the game with blue balls?
  2. Create a play list where you duplicate the titles. You might have The Edging Loop or one of the arousal building loops in there multiple times so that it comes up more than once.


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Customer Reviews

Amethyst's Disciple

The Roaming Hands Loop Is Intensely Erotic!

This is a very erotic loop where Mistress guides your hands to explore your own body! Feel Her words slip into your mind and take control of your body. She will have you move your hands to touch yourself in all kinds of sexy ways. And it will make you super horny for Her! Perfect for building arousal. It’s like a personal foreplay session!

All of the loops in this series can stand alone, be repeated multiple times in a row, or be a part of a larger playlist. I personally like adding this loop right before the final loop in my session. Thus, it works great before the Cum for Amethyst Loop, Eruption, or (if you’re feeling adventurous) the Cum Eating Loop.

If you want to greatly increase the effectiveness of this loop, I recommend sponsoring a Personalized Version. There is nothing quite so erotic, sensual, and sexy as Mistress whispering your own name as you listen!

Amethyst's Disciple
Rodimus C

It's quite an arousing experience. Mistress Amethyst does a masterful (or rather Mistressful) job of taking control of your hand and using it to roaming over and tease your body. I imagine it to be very much like what foreplay with Mistress might be like. Given how much this file turned me on, I'd highly recommend pairing it with the Cum for Amethyst Loop. Or maybe the Edging Loop, if you would rather be highly aroused with cumming.

And as always when possible, I would recommend getting the Personalized/sponsored version. Hearing Mistress speak my name while I'm in trance is an indescribable thrill and adds so much to the experience.

Rodimus C