The Sleeping Forest - Introduction

The Sleeping Forest - Introduction

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 44 minutes

This is the first in My new series called THE SLEEPING FOREST, which has a different style from all My other works so far.
Come with Me on a rolling, twisting tale of desire and longing, that will have you panting for more. Caught COMPLETELY off guard, I quietly and sensually slip in under the radar. Slowly building up, but many times more powerful, the compound BRAINWASHING is delicious and irresistible. Each file will build on the one before, multiplying the effects, building on your desire to be with Me, controlled by ME. The depths you will reach will surprise you. You will not realize what is happening, or how it happens...just following the words and the tale, drifting, smoothly and effortlessly.

Immerse yourself fully in this mysterious and winding journey, allow the desire and the helplessness to bring you to Me, slowly, softly---- all in good time My pet----giggles.
This series will give you a first glimpse of how My work (My control) is developing and broadening, as our relationship moves ever closer and deeper, mmmmmmm.

A very sexy and sensual TEASE.

A mind SEDUCTION that leaves you CRAVING more!

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Customer Reviews

Sensually Tamed

There are files that are foremost intense.
There are files that are foremost relaxing.
There are files that are foremost entertaining.
There are files that are foremost educational.

The Sleeping Forest Series contains all these elements. It plays with them, it combins them. And yet the most important element of this wonderfull work of art is undeniably strong feeling of intimacy. I've listened to many Domina's sessions, but none of them was able to make me feel so close to my Mistress.

If you're willing to know Mistress better, if you're ready to go on an amazing, long adventure with Her - this series is simply a MUST HAVE!

Sensually Tamed