The Whispers 3

The Whispers 3

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

One of the best sellers for the past several years. Yes The Whispers 1 & 2, the h y p n o series that have driven boys crazy, make them weak, and many have even said it was the first time they were able to have a hand free experience - even though that isn't what it was made for. I am not going to lie, the previous Whispers were mind blowing, but also one of the first creations I ever made in hypn osis, so I didn't have full knowledge of all the effects - so was surprised that in that aspect others loved them so much. So just imagine w My knowledge now and knowing about incorporating the induction etc, how much more amazing this one is!! So I have finally done what you've all been waiting and begging for - a third version of The Whispers h y p n o s i s trance. Just listen...shhhh....listen to them coming. The whispers are coming, the whispers will invade your mind, the whispers will invade your thoughts, the whispers will fulfill your desires, the whispers will fulfill your fantasies, the whispers bring arousal, the whispers bring sexual pleasure, and the whispers will control you. First I make sure you're nice and relaxed, down in trance, before the whispers come your way. Before I whisper erotic thoughts and desires into your ears, coming from all angles. But this whispers version is not only an erotic experience that will leave you with quite the mess, it is also includes financial domination in this one (unlike the other 2). So be prepared to spoil Me to get the full effect. I may or may not eventually put a sample of this recording up. But I do know I WILL RAISE THE PRICE OF THIS recording to $100 shortly. So hurry up and get it before that happens. Also make sure to listen to the whispers 1 & 2 prior to listening to this for the full effect. On My trance page you can listen to samples of the previous ones, which are quite similar in sound to this. Except this version is much more mind blowing and I even have some parts of the original whispers layered in the background. So it sounds as if there are multiple Princess Angels whispering directly in your ears, to the left, and to the right ears also. Now get ready because this is one hell of an erotic experience and I have a feeling that this 3rd version will be a number one seller for several years just like The whisper 1 & 2 were.  MP3 - 37 min $99.99

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