Tickle Touch Pantyhose & Pleasure Emporium

Tickle Touch Pantyhose & Pleasure Emporium

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

First make sure you have pantyhose nearby. You can choose to either put them on (for maximum effect) or choose to hang on to them, to also get the effect. As usual beginning with putting you down in trance, you remembering a smell that always brings back happy memories. Because yes, our sense of smell is the strongest of the 5 senses that is tied to memory, so think of a smell that always brings back happy feelings; you may know why they do or may not know why you are happy when you smell this smell. After putting you down deep you begin to picture your ideal life with pantyhose in it. This life begins, finding yourself laying down where you are and you realize you're running late for your first day on the job. Rushing to get ready quickly, having no time to think about how nervous or excited you are about your first day, then rushing out and on your way to work. Then you arrive there, to this huge shiny and inviting building, with the big sign on top that says "Tickle Touch Pantyhose & Pleasure Emporium." It's such a beautiful day out and upon entering the building, it's beautiful in there too. There is even a faint smell of what you think is perfume, something about this smell takes you over and just makes you completely happy. You approach the receptionist who at first is shocked to see you are a male, since there has never been a male in this building, but then she is very inviting and even hugs you, she then gives you a box with your uniform in it. Remembering you had to get measured a couple weeks ago, so this job could obtain your measurements for your required uniform. The box is bright pink, you open it and are shocked to see what your uniform is. Especially since it consists of a bra, panties, skirt, pantyhose and other things. Then led to your changing room, where four women help you derobe and change into your uniform. Next you're led to the conference room, where you also meet the owner. Who informs you about how they opened the company, why they opened it, their products, values, and services. After that the owner goes on and gives you a tour of the facility. Throughout the tour you continue to smell this perfume smell, you realize it must be coming from the ventilation system, either way you love it, it makes you feel very very good. Finding yourself even taking deep inhales once you get a wiff of it. This includes the general office area, research lab, test lab one, test lab two, and the company lounge. You're then informed that everyone must start in test lab one, there are no exceptions. You have no problem since on your tour you were able to see what goes on in these rooms. You enter test lab one and begin with the "give" portion of that lab. Which involves massaging another womens pantyhose, I inform you that no areas are forbidden to touch. After I describe the situation, how you feel, etc., you then move onto the receive portion of that lab. Where the woman now stands in front of you and begins to massage. The soft silky pantyhose touch against your skin is just lovely... Finding yourself hard and turned on, you're then directed to test lab two. This is the tickle lab, again you do portion a which is giving and then switching to portion b...all described in the recording. During both labs the owner of the company closely watched you and your reactions. She was delighted with them. So delighted she decided to inform you that there is a test lab 3. She didn't want to show you, because she wasn't sure how your reaction would be to it. But she believes your ready. Without giving away this recording....I'll just give you a couple hints to what is in test lab three... .....there is a device that the company has created, that is specifically designed to test a persons reactions to touch with the pantyhose. In case you did not notice (which I doubt) these pantyhose are designed to heighten the sense of touch more than the normal pantyhose. Our monitor goes from zero, no sense of touch, to ten which is the maximum sensitivity a person can have to touch....and by the end of test lab three...you will have reached 10 and made quite the mess. You are also joined by quite a few females in this room, to help you achieve a 10. ....You will be addicted and turned on by pantyhose in many forms after this. You will develop a pantyhose addiction & infatuation. MP3 - 57:30min PRICE WILL GO UP

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