Tricks For Trance 2 - Just Pretend

Tricks For Trance 2 - Just Pretend

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A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst

trancetic Trance Training - Part 2

Tricks For Trance was so popular & effective, you've asked for MORE! In this file,

I will be focusing on the trick of pretending. In this conversational and instructional style session, you will learn how pretending creates a blueprint for your mind to follow. The more you pretend, the more real it becomes.

You will have the opportunity to practice pretending - but are you really pretending? Or is it real? Sometimes pretending feels soooo very real! I will use eye open/closure fractionation, layered tracks, mantras and a conversational style to help teach your mind the trick of pretending.

This is a loop, so feel free to hit the repeat button and keep practicing.... or maybe you just love the sound of my soothing voice and want to hear more of me. Either way, I'm sure you'll enjoy this session.
Ridiculously Low Price: $8 for a 17 Minute file! I want everyone who sees this page to download this file.



    trancetic Loop: Hit play / repeat and listen as many times as you choose
    Conversational / Instructional style trance training
    Eye fatigue & open/closure
    Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
    Count Up at the end
    Deep Delta Brainwaves
    17 Minutes
    HIGHLY recommend listening to TRICKS FOR TRANCE first, but it's not required

Erotic trance & FemDom trance by Mistress Amethyst  Copyright 2016


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I have been trancing for over 5 years. I feel that I have gotten pretty good at it. But I am a pretty mathematical type person prone to over-thinking things. This file has shown me how to get out of my own way.

This is the 2nd file in the Tricks for Trance series. I would highly recommend listening to the first file. This is a stand alone file, but it would be helpful to listen to the first file, which is a bargain at $8.00.

This file focuses on the pretend trigger/technique. That is the beauty of it. You don’t have to try to do anything. Just lay there and pretend. For me it just takes the effort and thought of it. In fact it doesn’t even matter if you do go deep, just pretend that you do. But I strongly suspect that you will. It literally will just happen.

This is a short file but I go extremely deep. I have been in sensory deprivation (float) tanks. This is very close to that experience. I just disconnect from my body. It just feels like my mind is floating effortlessly in space. It is about as relaxed as I have ever been. This is a great file to put on auto-repeat and marinate in trancetic bliss.

As an added bonus she teaches a technique for self-trance to improve your trancing abilities. You can pay hundreds of dollars to learn these techniques at a seminar. Mistress Amethyst is giving this file away for eight dollars.

It is a non-erotic file, but I find I get very aroused as I get more and more relaxed. I guess Mistress Amethyst can’t help being sexy.

You don’t have to be a follower of Mistress Amethyst to get a lot out of this file. It is non-specific and anyone interested in better trancing will benefit.

Fans of fractionation will really enjoy this file. I really liked how she uses this technique in her Tricks for Trance files. It adds a very dreamy and floaty quality to the experience.

This file is a loop and I recommend listening to it several times in a row to get the maximum effect. It would also be fantastic to stack with your favorite file to get maximum enjoyment out of it.

This file is a master’s thesis on trancing. It is an effortless way to get better. Your trancing goals can be relaxation, erotic, self help, fantasy or whatever. This file will help. Especially for people who have trouble getting out of their own way. Thank you Mistress Amethyst for creating this wonderful file.

Rodimus C

Simply a must have file.

Oh, I guess I should elaborate a bit.
The key selling point is obviously that it's one of Mistress Amethyst's files. If you're already a fan of her, buying this is a no brainer. If you're not, this and the first Tricks for Trance files would make for an excellent introduction to Mistress.

Mistress Amethyst's previous Tricks for Trance file was quite effective at improving the trance experience, and it's no surprise that this one helps even more. Mistress takes the opportunity to share more of her impressive knowledge and tips for deeper trance. And the open-ended mantra choice she includes is fantastic. It really encourages multiple listens, whether that's looping several times in a row or coming back to the file repeatedly later. It's great.

Ostensibly, this is a non-erotic file, however I find it quite hot. Falling into trance to Mistress' sexy voice, while she helps me become a better trancetic subject... how can't that be hot.

So yeah, as I said earlier, it's a must have. And ridiculously cheap. There's no reason not to get it.

Rodimus C

Mistress Amethyst wants you to have a good trance experience with her, and Tricks for Trance 2 is here to help with that. This time around, she focuses on your ability to pretend. Sometimes it can be easy to get discouraged if your trance isn't everything you were promised on the tin. Sometimes this can just be a resistance that you're keeping bottled up inside. If you go into a trance session doubting Mistress and yourself, you're much more likely to wind up with an unsatisfactory result. Instead of waiting around for it to happen, why not just pretend that it is happening. Sure, it might still not actually be as you hoped, but there's a chance that it will be. Pretending gets you closer to your desired result than if you don't pretend.

Mistress also works on phrasing your thoughts in a positive manner. Thinking with the words "I am" is more effective on getting you closer to your goals than just saying "I will" or "I want to". Obviously you already know that the latter two are true. Your goal is to get to the point where the "I am" statement is true. So start thinking about it like that. If you know that still aren't there, but you say that you are there, you'll have a stronger desire to actually get there (and pretending can help to get you there).

Tricks for Trance 2 is a great expansion on the lessons from Tricks for Trance 1. If you really want to pursue a great trance experience in a relaxing non-erotic setting, pick up both of these sessions.