Tricks For Trance

Tricks For Trance

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A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst

trancetic Trance Training

I’d like to teach you a trick or two about going down into deep trancetic trance. But I bet you’ll discover that it’s not really a trick… it’s really quite easy…..

There isn’t just one kind of trance… one state of soothing relaxation or one level of suggestible submission. Everyone’s mind is different. Everyone’s dreams and desires take their own shape. Trance is just a state of relaxation and focus. Sometimes it is unconscious focus…

In this conversation and instructional style session, you will learn about and practice suggestibility. You will discover that trance accumulates in your mind, and each time, it helps you learn how to go deeper. I will use some eye fatigue techniques, fractionation, layered tracks, and a conversational style to help teach your mind some tricks about trance.

This is a loop, so feel free to hit the repeat button and keep practicing.... or maybe you just love the sound of my soothing voice and want to hear more of me. Either way, I'm sure you'll enjoy this session.

Ridiculously Low Price: $8 for a 19 Minute file! I want everyone who sees this page to download this file.


  • trancetic Loop: Hit play / repeat and listen as many times as you choose
  • Conversational / Instructional style trance training
  • Eye fatigue & open/closure
  • Fractionation
  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • No Count Up at the end
  • Isochronic Tones
  • 19 Minutes

Erotic trance & FemDom trance by Mistress Amethyst Copyright 2016

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Customer Reviews


I have been trancing regularly for several years and listening to Mistress Amethyst for about a year. I feel that I am good at trancing. But this file showed me that you can always learn more.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. I am an analytical type and am prone to overthinking things. The beauty of this file is that Mistress shows you tricks to get out of your own way. She demonstrates that trancing can be effortless. In fact the less you try the better it works. That is such a valuable lesson.

One of the things that stands out is how simple this file is. Very few special effects. It is mostly Mistress Amethyst having a conversation with you. Which I think fits the theme of the file nicely. And very effective.

It is a non-erotic file, but listening to Mistress’ alluring voice is always a treat. It is like ear candy.

You don’t have to be a follower of Mistress Amethyst to get a lot out of this file. It is very generic and anyone interested in better trancing will benefit.

Fans of fractionation will really enjoy this file. Mistress uses it in as a teaching tool in this file. It felt so dreamy. Yum.

This file is a loop and I recommend listening to it several times in a row to get the maximum effect. It would also be fantastic to stack with your favorite file to get maximum enjoyment out of it.

People go to trance seminars and pay hundreds of dollars to learn what Mistress is practically giving away. This file is such a bargain.

So, whether you are new to trancing or a seasoned veteran, I highly recommend this file.

Rodimus C

I've always felt that I've had some difficulty with trance. Going under, responding to suggestion, 'letting go'. And this is the first 'better trance' file I've heard that actually seems to be helping. Not really surprising, given Mistress Amethyst's copious talent and skill.

While this file is not overtly erotic at all, fans of Mistress Amethyst's sexy voice and those with a trancefetish will likely find it at least somewhat hot. I know I did. Especially with the fractionation. It's difficult not to get excited when repeatedly falling into trance for a dominant woman you ache to serve, like Mistress Amethyst.

Truly a must have file and a ridiculous deal for the price. Get it yesterday.

Rodimus C

Tricks for Trance is another fantastic deal session that everyone really should give a try. It may not be as overtly powerful as Deep Down Loop, but it's still got a lot of trancetic force. It's just more subtle about it. I hadn't really experienced a conversational induction like this before, so I wasn't really certain how much it would affect me. The simple suggestions were easy to follow, and in barely any time I was under. As she took me in and out of trance, she went over the different things that might help me to trance more effectively. Most of what I was hearing wasn't really new, but the way she explained it really helped to clarify it for me. As I went through the session, I found myself anticipating what Mistress was wanting from me, as if I was sync with her thoughts and suggestions. It felt like I was just following were Mistress was leading me as opposed to following the suggestions directly. Since the suggestions weren't as rigid here, it felt OK to close my eyes when I felt compelled to. I would close my eyes, and shortly afterward Mistress would come and give a command to sleep, dropping me further. Eventually it felt like I wasn't really coming back fully at the wake up. I felt like I was in a daze, just waiting to go back into trance. I don't know how long I stayed under at the end of the session, but I feel like it must have been a record. I just didn't want to leave where Mistress had just taken me. This session is great for improving your ability to trance, helping you to fall asleep, getting accustomed to Mistress' voice, and like most loops, starting another session. You won't regret picking up Tricks for Trance regardless of your past experience with Mistress Amethyst.