Ultimate Brain Drain

Ultimate Brain Drain

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A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst

Drain Your Brain Into Blissful Nothingness

Have you ever experienced that sensation when you are so deep in trance that become free from thoughts? If you have, no wonder you're here looking at this title.

Being in a mindless state like that, is pure heaven, and causes you to crave the experience again and again. This is the Ultimate Brain Drain.

For a full hour, you will slide into such a wonderful, dreamy state. Amnesia settles in, and you're left floating in pure bliss. I will guide you, nice and slow, down into a very deep state of trance, followed by soft whispers, helping you to empty your mind completely. You'll hear whispers on the left, right, and some that gentle rotate from side to side, but I have a feeling, you won't even notice, nor have any clear idea of what I'm saying. I predict that you'll be lost in the beautiful purple haze of sound.


  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • Long soft induction followed by about 40 minutes of layered whisper tracks
  • Themes: Brain drain, mindlessness, amnesia
  • Tone: Soft and whispery
  • Delta brainwave technology
  • Count Up at the end: No
  • Humiliation: No
  • 61 Minutes

Erotic trance & FemDom trance by Mistress Amethyst  Copyright 2017 As with any trance session, results vary


  • ASMR / Whisper trance
  • Deep Trance
  • Mindless

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Customer Reviews


This file is a masterpiece. It’ll take you so deep, and have you craving more before you know what’s going on.

One of my favorite things is the feeling of safety, and letting go completely into Mistress Amethyst’s control. This file will take you deeper and further than you’ve ever been before, and you’re going to love every second of it. Surrender completely – it’s bliss!


Ultimate Brain Drain promises a lot in its title: an unbeatable trance experience. Sounds very compelling for a trance junkie like myself. Also the duration of the file, 61 minutes, is intriguing – it’s almost twice as long as most of Mistress Amethyst’s other sessions. Even more compelling.

Personally I’m helplessly addicted to Mistress Amethyst’s voice and words and completely in love with Her as a person, so for me the file delivers exactly what I knew it would. The experience of deep trance and mindlessness is my biggest erotic turn-on and this session feels like a slow motion version of the most euphoric lovemaking, yet the time goes by so fast. I’m still blissed out hours after listening to it, wondering what just happened. Now how can this ever be beat?

Bragagna Jean-Claude

Living this trance my thoughts are going away and with some who try to resist they have no chances with the suzing voice of Mistress Amethyst who tirelessly and patiently continue to empty my mind.
It's one of my favorite audio, at the end my mins is completely open to her and often I chain it with an other trance of Mistress Amethyst.
I have and I recommend the personalized version wih your name who is more powerfull.

Bragagna Jean-Claude