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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Lady Radiance

You know, sometimes it's really refreshing and challenging to swim in unfamiliar waters, speaking from a purely hypnotic point of view, obviously :)

I'm so used to creating FemDom erotic sessions, so when I was inspired by a follower to create a non-FemDom but still erotic session, I realized that it's actually interesting and fascinating to have to change the approach. And I have to say, it was really difficult for Me not to get aroused when i recorded this, which definitely shines through in the finished product.

The ending was designed special to NOT wake up the listener with the intent to lead him directly into sleep, possibly inviting lucid dreams and maybe ...just maybe ....even some wet ones :)

Duration: 28 mins.

Designed for: Male subjects.


Main track with special voice effects.

Soft, soothing music, low.

Theta waves.

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