What's In A Name

What's In A Name

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne

This is absolutely one of My very favorite sessions and certainly one of the most potent in My repertoire, slave...so I re-recorded and re-mastered it...anyone who is a slave to Me should consider this required listening...what's it all about? well, what if you were to be deeply bewitched? so deeply bewitched by Me that every thought has vacated the premises...along with thoughts passing by on their way out goes your every memory...and once you are so deep and your mind is so pristine and clear of all, what if I were to ask you questions? looping questions...questions that confuse you and take you deeper...and what if you were then told of your new name? and what if that changed every question into a statement of fact? so that your mind adjusts on the deepest internal levels to this shift...suggestions assigned a new meaning to you...loops that repeat and deepen...until you surrender so completely to Me...wet and dazed only to wake and drop down again...fractionation pulling you back down into the spinning blackness...where the loops continue to indoctrinate you courtesy of My confusion techniques...deeper and sooooo wide open to Me...by the end, you finally understand WHAT is a slave...WHAT is My slave...and so happy at WHAT you've discovered as you learn WHAT's in a name...

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