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A femdom erotic trance by Madame Jade Paris

WARNING: This file is a special request CUSTOM CUCK, HUMILIATION, AUDIO FILE. IF THAT IS NOT Your thing…..move on. ****************************************************** THE BITCH SERIES…. You are a PISS poor excuse for a man. Relax Loser, you need to fully understand and accept that you are a complete and utter failure as a man. The only way you will ever get laid is to pay for it with cold hard cash! I have nothing but contempt for a week pitiful excuse of a man like you. I’m sickened by the thought that there might be enough spunk in your thin watery load to impregnate some pathetic inferior bitch. You need Me to compare you, point by point, with a real man…A man like My Lover…. Now there’s a real man!! His God like body, His Intellect, His THICK Wallet..His cock is big and hard and thrusting. He is a powerful man, in the full prime of his vigorous youth… not a beaten down middle aged schmuck like you. My boyfriend is superior to you in every way…He made a fortune on wall street by exploiting losers like you. Sometimes we spread money all over our bed and…. You are a complete LOSER This is a world of Gods and clods….. We are Gods, you are a clod… Sex is for the superior, masturbation is for the inferior…. so go home and masturbate like the loser you are. MASTURBATE…. DO IT! Worship Me and My Stud boyfriend by masturbating because... YOU ARE INFERIOR!

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