You are a GIRL

You are a GIRL

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

 You are a girl, a beautiful girl. Don't question it any longer, you know who you were really born to be - a girl. You may have been born with a penis, but clearly that was a mistake, because you are a girl. Girls act and dress girlish, girls are feminine, girls like boys, and that is ok to do all of that because YOU ARE A GIRL. No more questioning it, that you're a girl, you know it's right to act and be a girl, that is you, you are a girl. Listen and let Me reaffirm that in your mind. It may hit you right away or it may not register in your subconscious mind until after a nap or dream, but this recording will allow you to be the girl you were meant to be. It will also remind you of your job of submission, how being feminine and submissive make you a better person. To serve your Mistress makes you a better girl. To be more feminine, more girlish, and more submissive, make you a better girl. You are a girl, after this you won't question it any longer. You won't feel bad, or ashamed to act and be girlish, to be feminine, because that is you, and will always be you. Pretty girl.

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