Yummy Cummy 1

Yummy Cummy 1

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

Some of you may like to deny that trance works. Some of you may also like to deny that you have a deep urge to suck cock, get fucked by a huge cock, and be a dirty little cum guzzler. Alright so we'll play the denial game. You may find it makes My trancetic control become much more powerful over you. You don't feel yourself getting relaxed, you don't feel yourself falling deeper and deeper down. When I describe the perfect cock, how perfectly and straightly erect it is, how hard, long, and thick it is, you don't find yourself picturing it. When I describe it going in and out of a mouth, you don't picture it going in and out of your mouth. Because you're not gay, right? When I describe how deep it is in your ass and how good it feels you don't find yourself so turned on and rock hard by it. You don't find yourself jerking off at all. When he pulls out and puts his cock near your mouth, you don't automatically open up your mouth to swallow his cum or do you? You may find yourself after this with the words yummy cummy in your head. Because anytime you hear that from here on out you may get the urge to suck cock and turn into a good cum guzzling whore. mmm yummy cummy's is in your mind. MP3 - 32:46min $59.99  confusion, tease and denial, masturbation instruction, orgasm control, gay

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