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A femdom erotic trance by Lady Radiance

You tell yourself that you need not speak and so you stay silent, your mouth won't even open, numb mind - intoxicated, drugged by the tone and pace and feel of My voice, remotely control and programmed to accept My suggestions, numb mind - intoxicated for My pleasure. With each word I say, the feeling of being mindless and numb gradually grows and becomes stronger, gradually stronger, each word I say makes the sensation gradually stronger now.

While your conscious mind is sleeping, your subconscious mind takes over. Your reflexes are manipulated by My sultry voice and your muscles are weaker now, weaker, weaker under My control. That happy, detached, slightly drugged feeling is amusing and enjoyable. The blood in your veins is pumping and yet your numb mind has gone down to zero activity now for My pleasure, as you continue to listen.

Go deep, go drugged, go weak. Let My voice pull you closer to Me before you sink right back into zero.

38+ minutes
Audience: Not gender specific.
Contains: Main track, whispering subliminal track, music, alpha brainwave technology, white noise and a finger-snap wake-up command.

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