A Covert Mission

A Covert Mission

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 25 minutes

WARNING: This session is filled with SUBLIMINAL messages and INTENSE BRAINWASHING resulting in a SUPER POWERFUL and MIND BLOWING LOOP.

My horny slave, this session will introduce you to a COVERT mission and therefore I won't be releasing information as to the content within. This shared, by listening to this file you accept the irrevocable nature of My brainwashing which will bring you deep into submission creating a strong dependency and SUGGESTIBILITY. After repeated listening you will realize that brainwashing is real and can be used to alter thoughts and beliefs. This session will be purchased on blind TRUST.

This session with 25 plus minutes of brainwashing includes strong SUBLIMINAL messages that is also very powerful and should be listened to at BEDTIME or nap time. Know that you WON'T be tranceTIZED during this session...unless you are already suggestible to My voice. My pet, it is time to Listen and ACCEPT the TRUTH.

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Being sensually brainwashed by trancetic Domina Shelle is a blissful exercise of submission, subservience and adoration. It is so easy to get lost in Her sweet sexy voice and be lulled into a compliant suggestible state where Her every word is your truth. This may seem somewhat scary and a nefarious attempt to subvert your will but the reality could not be further from this. What Domina whispers into your ear is what you secretly desire in your deepest fantasies of submission to a female authority figure that sincerely cares for your well being, and importantly one you trust and admire. You are not being coerced into something you do not want to do, you are being given an opportunity to explore you submissive side in a safe environment where you can experience the euphoria of relinquishing all control free of judgement. In a sense the Covert Mission is to liberate you from your fear of being powerless and you quickly learn this just by saying Yes Domina. This session is very compelling.