A Sub-Conscious Takeover

A Sub-Conscious Takeover

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 47 minutes

This powerful trance session is best left a MYSTERY until your OPEN and SUGGESTIBLE mind is COMPLETLY caught off guard. Don't you love a Mysterious Domina. Allow Me to do all I want. Just listen and sleep to this Sweet and Erotic session....Familiar yet DANGEROUS to your open mind. Like honey on your lips,

Soothing and mind numbing.
An aphrodisiac
And it doesn’t even matter that you won't consciously remember.
Feel yourself so drugged... Weak for Her
Feeling Her pheromones flood your mind and c*ck
Her whispers more devastating than ever before...
Penetrating your mind.

POWERFUL BRAINWASHING, SUBLIMINAL messages, Binaural Effects and Post trancetic suggestions.

Feel the POWER of CURIOSITY and listen NOW.

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This is an aptly named session because this is one of the most subtle and beautifully crafted power plays i have ever experienced listening to erotic femdom trance. The induction is conversational in style and very relaxing with the background music adding to the ambience. As Domina narrates the scene i instantly reminded of the Sleeping Forest, the bar, the red nails, the cleavage and at this point i know She already has me. After that Domina skilfully disarms You with Her charm, sensuality and by playing to our erotic weaknesses. After that it is difficult to recall details due to an effective amnesia trigger, but after listening to this session 7 times i recall a strong belief that Domina is an important central part of my life and i only want to submit more to Her domination and control.

Emotionally this session is very powerful and it reminded me of how i felt when i fell in love for the first time, that selfless feeling of wanting to share all that you are and wanting that particular moment of joy to last forever. For this reason this session is very special and while it may not be the most erotic to some, emotionally it eclipses many given how it reframes Domina Shelle as an essential person in your life.