Absolute Authority

Absolute Authority

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 51 minutes

Do you believe trancetically induced affirmations can change your life?

In this session I am going to demonstrate to you that My sweet seductive words are more than just your TRUTH, they will actually reshape your perception of reality allowing Me to turn simple statements into powerful tools of indoctrination, essentially potent brainwashing mantras for your subconscious mind. (giggles)

My goal is to transform you into My perfected slave, feeling more submissive, more in love and more addicted to Me with every passing day, so that My control permeates further into every aspect of your life. My skill with deep trancetic conditioning should never be underestimated and with a few repetitive statements, and some mental manipulation, you will be mine!

This is very REAL, My pet, and is the essence of ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY. you will discover that My domination extends far beyond your periods in trance and I will render you utterly powerless to My authority and control, permanently imposing My will on your vulnerable subconscious mind. With repeated listens, this session will progressively lead to profound, life long, changes in your submissive psyche giving Me a permanent aura of authority, transforming your submission into irreversible mental enslavement.

What's even more wonderfully wicked is, consciously, you will be oblivious to these changes. My words will be so compelling, so addictive, you'll happily accept all My post-trancetic conditioning viewing all your actions as the consequence of your "own" ideas. But, be under no illusion, I will be controlling and manipulating all your thoughts and decision all Me to give you new fetishes and compulsions, all under the guise of your wanting to further your journey into submission to Me.

Yes, I am a devious Domina but remember (while you still can) that I know what you need and what is best for you. I am destined to be your everything, the center of your universe, with Me as your first and last thought of every day and the person that makes you smile whenever you think or fantasize of Me. So accept your fate, My pet, and prepare for a very relaxing restful session that, quite literally, will begin a one-way journey into complete submission to Me.

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Having been a part of the dominion of Domina Shelle for the past two years this session, for me, was a series of affirmations. Consciously my mind frequently resists all trance sessions that attempt to change the status quo but it was very satisfying that with this session there was no rebellion, not one peep of resistance. i listened, relaxed and acknowledge every word, not as a new truth, but with the understanding this is my reality. Absolute Authority is a wonderful litmus test to know one is fully committed to Domina Shelle and when i listen i feel only a strengthening bond to submit, serve and obey my Owner.

The beauty of all of the sessions Domina creates is they progressively chip away your foundation and understanding of submission, so where there once was a curious submissive there is now a passionate slave dedicated to Her. The feeling of knowing there is only one Domme for you is a special moment for any submissive and once contracted and owned you will never look back. That is the true power of Absolute Authority, and i for one love it.