Aural Mind Fuck

Aural Mind Fuck

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 59 mins x 2 versions

I've been probing your mind for some time now and I know all your sexy fantasies and naughty little secrets. W/we both know your c*ck throbs for Me every time you're alone with My voice, an aural addiction that triggers both deep sensual pleasure and an irrepressible desire to submit to My authority, a systematic conditioning that compels you to react this way subconsciously.

Since you have been such a good obedient boy for Me I've decided to grant you with a wish, to fulfill a secret desire that you've coveted for some time. Since you are a well-trained brainwashed slave, I've tailored this EROTIC trance mp3 just for you, My pet, because good pets deserve to be praised and rewarded. As a dedicated and devoted servant I've produced an aural feast that will leave you both powerless to the sexy sound of My soothing voice and utterly infatuated with My divine essence.

This potent combination will lull you into one of the deepest of trances you've ever experienced, leaving you blank and empty, and lost in submissive surrender. you'll also be overwhelmed by the immersive affects My voice and My words have on senses, My aural recitation stimulating you mentally and physically. The impact is so emotive, so sensual, so arousing, it may lead to an eruption! (giggles)

Be warned, My puppy, the changes made in this session are very REAL and life changing. There is no escape from My mind fucks, no going back on your submission and no resisting the indoctrination of your free will. Once you've tasted and embraced the powerful emotive feelings I trigger in you, they'll become an indelible part of your submissive psyche, the real you.

So prepare to accept your fate, My pet, where you are MINE to mold, to train, and to tease. This is a significant step on your journey of complete trancetic submission to My absolute authority knowing you're happily relinquishing more of your free will to My domination and control, acknowledging that I'm the ONLY Domina for you, the Mistress of your mind AND your body...

Disclaimer: Always listen at your own risk. Erotic trance and BRAINWASHING are powerful tools that I use to control unsuspecting victims.

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Customer Reviews

slave roro

Aural Mind Fuck

There is something so very real about Domina Shelle's erotic trance.
I love begging to be TAKEN by Her, to be brainwashed and subjugated by Her so that She mentally binds me to Her will. The thought of Domina mind fucking me is such an erotic turn on.
Well this programming file bring all this together and makes it feel so real, I think She is actually is mind fucking me!
Its so relaxingly seductive, sexy and erotic you just cant resist but to give in and submit to Her voice. She WILL take you, brainwash you and mind fuck you and you WILL have the best time ever letting Her do it to you. It is just so magical.
If you don't think She can do it to you to, then just listen to this file and see if you can escape
She has mind fucked me good and proper and I LOVE it!..........

slave roro

This is a session to remember whether you opt for the chaste path or the release path. Domina Shelle is at her captivating best in this session of intimacy, sensuality, eroticism and, the trademark of Domina, Her innate ability to mesmerise the mind so that is blank and empty, primed for programming. And their is no better neural programmer than Domina, She obfuscates your resistance and indoctrinates your thoughts until every She says is quite simply the truth. After that it is an aural mind fuck because you are lost in bliss as She skilfully subverts your conscious defences and She plants yet another seed in your subconscious that marks you as Hers. They say love conquers everything and Domina uses this to leave you smitten and infatuated with just the thought of Her voice. This is erotic trance and female domination at its very best because although you are rewarded for your surrender be under no illusion who is in control. She really is the Mistress of your mind and body!