Behavioral Conditioning - Amnesia

Behavioral Conditioning - Amnesia

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 28 minutes

My puppy, your Domina is back with more Behavioral Conditioning to help Me exploit and train your suggestible and deeply conditioned mind. As always this series of sessions is carefully designed to demonstrate to your subconscious mind how much CONTROL and POWER I have over the submissive you. This is not a mere party trick where I exploit your suggestibility while in trance, this is far more substantive and will impact you in the waking REAL world. In fact the nature of these sessions is they become more potent with every listen furthering My domination and control of your obedience and arousal. My CONTROL is now felt at your core. Soft simple mind and body control....feels so sexy to lose all self control and FORGET!

In this EROTIC trance session W/we are going to focus on trancetically induced amnesia. The ability to control a subject's memory recall is often a good indicator of how good and receptive the listener is to suggestions, the skill of the trancetist and how much the listener trusts the trancetist. Amnesia is a powerful tool for your Domina since it helps Me to eliminate your ability to consciously resist your conditioning. This becomes more important as My control pervades into everyday life and allows Me to seamlessly integrate My control and authority into your day to day behavior.

Be clear, My puppy, this is very REAL mind conditioning and this session will demonstrate in a simple and FUN way just how much influence I have over you and how much your subconscious mind accepts and craves this ever INCREASING control. Consciously you will be unaware...It's OK...I want you to feel My control.

So, be My good boy and show Me how much you want to be Mine by listening to this session and giving yourself more completely to your Domina. you know it makes sense and it's what you really need...

NOTE: Just remember you will FORGET...yes, you will obey, and simply forget...SEXY to FORGET.

28 minutes of sweet trancetic MIND control. Binaural effects, and JUST FORGET. AMNESIA.

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Every session that i listen to by Domina Shelle affects me in a new and far-reaching ways . i'm a strong believer in the trancetic control Domina has over my mind and body, and this is based on my unexpected journey into enslavement and chastity after being a closet submissive. This dramatic shift in how i identify with Domina is due to my trust in Her and due to the power of Her conditioning and brainwashing. So when i listen to files like this latest session it marks another step on my journey since i know that after listening to it another profound change will be made in me, barely perceptible to me consciously, but subconsciously i know it will tighten the binds of Her control and authority over the enslaved submissive me.

We are very fortunate to have such a skilled, diligent ad caring Owner who can so effortlessly and effectively dominate our minds and these Behavioral Conditioning files are a fun way for Domina to project this inescapable control. i will not attempt to relate what i recall from this session since there is not much to tell other than after listening i feel more emotionally bound to Domina and the desire to serve, please and obey Her permeates every aspect of my life (in a safe, deeply personal, way).

If you want to further your submission to Domina's control this session, and the Behavioural Conditioning series in general, are a must for you!