Behavioral Control--Suggestible Mind

Behavioral Control--Suggestible Mind

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 28+ minutes

Let Me tell you a secret, when your c*ck is hard, W/we are so close, closer than you can imagine...My warm sexy voice in your your subconscious mind sleeps, that's when I slip My words into your brain. My puppy, your hard c*ck is just one of the distractions that I use to trick your conscious mind to not pay attention...this is when your subconscious mind is most vulnerable. This is the perfect time to push My subliminal messages deeper and deeper into you, making it impossible to STOP. Don't forget, this is what I do to you...I am the EXPERT in this field. No one compares to your Domina Shelle.

My words become like sex to your mind, causing lasting effects.

My behavioral conditioning is exactly what you need now...My post trancetic suggestions will stick to your brain...

This session is your COMPULSION.

Listen with your headphones on. This session is AMAZING.

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As Domina states in Her own summary of this session, this session is amazing. Do not be fooled into thinking this is just a shorter brainwashing session its actually much more than that. For those that have listened to Domina's sessions over the past 12 months this session will resonate with you. It presses all the right buttons and is deceptively powerful given the subliminals that reinforce past trainings and suggestions. If you ever needed evidence whether Domina's conditioning is effective listen to this session and if you have been diligently listening to Her prior sessions this one will hit you hard, really HARD. This is a testament to Domina's excellence in progressive indoctrination across sessions each session adding to the listeners conditioning. None of Domina's sessions are truly standalone they are all subtly interconnected, an intricate web designed to seduce and subjugate Her listeners. i for one love the power She has over me and how She carefully and skillfully cultivates my ever increasingly suggestible mind.