Beta Drone

Beta Drone

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 43 minutes

Are you familiar with the absolute authority a Queen Bee commands over Her hive?

I am sure you are aware of the dominance She projects over Her subjects also aptly referred to as drones. This is because, like humans, honey bees are social creatures and one may argue have evolved into a perfect society for their needs, a Matriarchal society centered on their Queen. She is adored, revered and loved by all Her male drones, who mindlessly obey the Queen, protecting Her and, when commanded, mate with Her as and when She is ready. I wonder, if any of these behavioral patterns sound at all familiar, My sweet? (giggles)

Be under no illusion, I am your Alpha Queen and you are a Beta Drone. As My Beta Drone you serve Me, and as befits O/our special relationship, I, in return, nurture all your wants and needs. Where I am destined to lead and be served, you - as a Beta Drone - are predestined to live a life of submission and servitude to an Alpha, one that owns your will. Have you ever thought about it in those terms since this is the essence of O/our relationship? Possibly not, because you have been conditioned to obey without thought or question and in this session I'm going to teach you everything you need to know about being My submissive Beta Drone.

Being a Beta Drone is natural to you as if it is in your DNA, hardwired into your psychological being. Like a primal instinct it's not something you can resist only something you can embrace. That said, as your Alpha Queen, I can enhance your experience, corrupting and warping your natural urges into a frenzy, allowing Me to change the very core of who you are. Being corrupted by Me is extremely pleasurable, and compulsive, and you will quickly submit to My absolute authority allowing Me to take full control of your primal instincts, using them to subvert and dominate your will.

My sweet, prepare for your primal urges to be completely dominated and sexualized by Me as you inevitably surrender to the pleasure of being My Beta Drone. There really isn't anything you can do to stop this, I am your Domina, your Owner, and you do what I want, when I want it. So, succumb to your cravings and download this psychological conditioning now! Obedience is always your pleasure...

Note: Two session versions available. Choose Release or Chastity.

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