Bimbo Brain MP3 - Sensual Feminization

Bimbo Brain MP3 - Sensual Feminization

Bimbo Brain MP3 - Sensual Feminization

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A femdom erotic trance by Angel Au Lait
It's not a bad thing, sissy. All of these thoughts you are having about turning into a completely feminized bimbo slut are 100% normal AND natural! These fantasies and thoughts that come from the deepest, most perverse place in your subconscious are there for a reason, bimbo .. and it's because you were MADE to be a bimbo! Obviously, you're having thoughts like these because you are a mindless little slut! All your life, other people tried to teach you to be a man, but nothing like that ever felt right! Now is the time to finally succumb to your true calling, to wander down the path of pleasure, and to finally become YOURSELF. You've always dreamed about it .. but now really have to listen to what your brain is telling you. Mistress will help you, of course .. and there's nothing to worry about, pretty girl. This is your destiny. This feminization audio includes several different elements of trance, brainwashing, neuro-lingusitic programming, undetectable binaural beats + triggers, a melodic + ambient wall loop to induce relaxation and calmness in different brain waves, multiple layers of sfx/voice over, sensual domination, feminizationl, bisexual encouragement, and full blown guided bimbofication! Some light masturbation instruction as well. Enjoy, pretty girl!

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