Bimbo Time

Bimbo Time

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Love
Bimbo TIME, the two words will become a trigger to your mind, that it’s time to unwind, unravel and let go of your thinking. Begin the slow feeling of sinking, that is the time. The BIMBO TIME, it’s like a good vacation from thinking, not a long vacation, unless that’s what you need it to be. You may want to listen to this on a loop overnight… or just in the morning before work. Bimbo time really lets you feel the mindless PLEASURE of being a BIMBO for a while, sitting there with a mindless smile, of course you have to be sure that you are in a nice… safe… comfortable place and position… one where you are not likely to be disturbed, because during BIMBO time you may get very turned on, very aroused and mindless.

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