Bound and Helpless

Bound and Helpless

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 27+ minutes

WARNING: This session employs powerful subliminal conditioning that, with repeated listens, will lead to **REAL** addictive cravings to submit and surrender to your Domina on a regular basis. Please listen to this session responsibly (and often)... ~~giggles~~

My sweet, you find yourself here because you're obsessed with an irrepressible desire to surrender to My soothing seductive velvety voice. It's so compelling to the submissive you that, subconsciously, you crave listening to My erotic trance sessions daily. I'm a permanent part of you now and My words have become so compulsive they resonate in your mind, transforming and subverting your will so that you identify as My submissive servant.

W/we both know this is true and these changes are irreversible! I've essentially imprisoned you in your own mind but you're not concerned with freedom or event escaping. On the contrary, you freely acknowledge what I'm doing to you, embracing that I'm liberating the real you to submit to My supreme absolute authority. While your subconscious revels in your subjugation to a powerful Dominant Woman, consciously I've trapped you in a spiral of lust, passion and unending desire to serve and please Me.

I've seduced you, captured you and now I'm indoctrinating you to be My perfected slave. In this session I'll demonstrate just how susceptible you are to My mesmerizing brainwashing, Bound and Helpless by My captivating words. So, lie back and embrace your future because there's no resisting what I have planned for you. By the time you wake from trance you'll appreciate the full extent of My power and the depth of your weakness, and all you'll crave is more, more, more...

Powerful Subliminal Conditioning, Addiction, Transforming, Bound and Helplessness, Subjugation, Imprisonment---All packed into this session!

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