Brain Drip

Brain Drip

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 56 minutes

Awww My Lab Rat, you just couldn't keep away from My mesmerizing words and you find yourself here again compelled to learn more about My world of domination and control. I know how intriguing My trancetic power is to you, My ability to coerce your will and subjugate your senses, a lure too irresistible to ignore.

Well, My subject, in this extreme EROTIC trance masterpiece of sensual brainwashing and trancetic conditioning, your Nurse - your Domina - will experiment on your craving for deeper submission by using your weaknesses, fetishes, and My patented Dopamine Loop, to associate all your erotic pleasures and fantasies with Me. I want you to comprehend just how irrepressible and irreplaceable I am to your subconscious mind, a mental dependence that leaves you powerless and vulnerable to all My alluring charms. (giggles)

In the Abyss I may have you all to myself but I want more of you!! I want you to crave Me all of the time, in and out of trance, every thought, every action, every motivation triggering a desire to serve and please Me.

Using a combination of anchored trancetic conditioning, and My experimental Dopamine Loop, I will set off a chain reaction in your mind that will continuously fire neuro-transmitters connected to all of your pleasure centers. Once triggered you'll be forever addicted to Me, forever caught in a cycle of adoration, obedience and submission, lost to your lust and desire to please Me. It's just too HARD to resist Me, My subject, so surrender to the DRIP DRIP DRIP of My seductive medication and accept the inexorable truth, My control of you will never be broken and you will always be MINE...

WARNING: This EROTIC MP3 is not for the faint of heart and you need to be prepared for a radical change in the perception of O/our Domme/sub relationship, if you chose to follow this path, where you will acknowledge Me as your Owner and will accept your role as My most dedicated and devoted thrall, eternally bound to Me in mind, body and spirit.

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