Brain Scrambler

Brain Scrambler

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 47 minutes

Congratulation, My devoted listener, you have been selected to witness, and experience, the ride of a life time! My Brain Scrambler is a joy ride like no other, a masterpiece of ingenuity incorporating cutting edge technology to psychologically stimulate the brain to a heightened state of reality. It is a fitting addition to Shelle's World, My internationally acclaimed amusement park, a pleasure emporium that frees hardworking clients, like yourself, to explore the many uninhibited pleasures My world has to offer.

But, I would be remiss if I did not bring to your attention that this ride is not for the faint of heart, after all it is called the Brain Scrambler for a very good reason. Extensive testing has shown this ride triggers many different interesting reactions in participants ranging from increased disorientation, improved suggestibility and, intriguingly, extreme erotic arousal in some lucky subjects.

And that is why you have been selected, My guinea pig, you show all the right characteristics to explore the FULL potential of this LONG ride. As a devout submissive with a strong trance-erotic fetish, you're already susceptible to the soothing cadence of My voice and what better way to fully embrace the depths of your submission than to allow Domina to scramble your brain to the point that there is no returning to your former self, a psychological realignment that will leave you permanently obsessed and devoted to Me, in Shelle's World.

I know that's a little wicked and devious, but I'm confiding in you because I trust you, plus I know that the allure and promise of being Mind Fucked to a level you've never experienced is just too tempting to resist for an addict like you. Don't be shy, that HARD, THROBBING sensation between your legs tells Me everything I need to know, so set aside your fears and I promise this will be the trip of a lifetime. In the end you have nothing really to lose but your mind to Me and what a blissful proposition that is... (giggles)

Erotic trance--Post trancetic suggestions--Binural--Mind altering conditioning and brainwashing. GF---gender friendly.

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Customer Reviews

Sleepy Brain

Brain Scrambler erotic trance mp3 by Domina Shelle
What a wild ride, if only it would come true!
My Sweet Domina Shelle uses Her soft sensual voice to take and I mean take you deep deep down into a very soft seat yet totally wrapped up in Her wild ride harness so you are unable to escape Her.
I can not get over how She takes complete control of my body through to total relaxation beyond whatever I've been able to do before.
Domina Shells's voice and background music is pure bliss and so mesmerizing. There is something in the background which just mobilizes me and is so captivatingly delicious, strangely seductive.
All in all, Domina Shelle's erotic trancetic Brain scrambler is a one-way ticket to becoming Her seductively seduced brainwashed disciple. Oh, bring it on my Precious Domina!

Sleepy Brain

trancetic indoctrination is a compulsive fantasy for many and for those that are drawn to being reprogrammed by a captivating Female Dominant, this is the session for you! Domina sets the scene that you have won the privilege to ride Her new amusement park attraction, the Brain Scrambler, and Her special guest you get to meet the mesmerizing mastermind (Mistress-mind) in person. The opening is beautifully executed as you are lulled very deep into trance and then you are primed with for what is about to come. The ride itself is a roller coaster of disorientation, focused submission and clever use of indoctrination to instil in you the fervent belief you are, and always will be, totally devoted to Domina. It is very compelling and, to be honest, the details are hard to recall given the depth of trance. This is a fantastic session for those want a mind blowing mind fuck along with a back story that enhances the whole experience. A must buy!