Brainwashing LOOP Trainings - Weeks 1-4

Brainwashing LOOP Trainings - Weeks 1-4

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 26 total minutes

CAUTION: This collection of loop sessions has one ultimate objective, to ENSLAVE you to My will so effectively that you are utterly dependent on Me, happily surrendering more of yourself to My authority and control. These mind altering changes are very REAL and transformative, leading to an increased emotional obsession with your Domina Shelle and more frequent SWELLINGS in your loins. (Giggles)

My puppy it's time to cement some of the powerful emotions I evoke in you into a PERMANENT state of mind. Prior sessions have helped Me unlock your desires and your mind so that I can easily manipulate and subvert your thoughts to the point where I'm now the erotic focus in your life. But your Domina needs more, as a dominant sexual Woman I want absolute control of you, to turn you into My personal plaything, My pet, even My slave, constantly HARD and HORNY, with an insatiable desire to do whatever I wish just to feel the ecstasy of pleasing Me.

To elicit this level of control requires dedicated training and conditioning, and as My willing submissive, it is My goal to perfect you. This collection of loop sessions is designed to short circuit your conscious mental processes and bind your emotional and erotic thoughts irrevocably to Me. Each loop session contains powerful erotic brainwashing infused with subliminal's and with repeated listens they will reconstruct your submissive mindset until it CUMS to the undeniable conclusion that it is perfectly normal and proper to belong and obsess about Me. (Awwww)

Understand, My pet, this is POTENT irreversible brainwashing, and if you diligently follow the directions below, your mind, body and cock will be enslaved to My will and My desires. you know I know what's best for you and deep down I know you crave the idea of submitting completely to Me, a powerful, sweet, sexy dominant Woman whom you trust. So allow Me to immerse you in the many pleasures of selfless servitude, each listen associated with a throbbing AROUSAL and your mind going blank as it absorbs My seductive words and enthralling subliminals.

DIRECTIONS: Listen to all 4 Loop sessions on the first day, then to achieve optimal results you should listen to each file looped for at least 1 hour each day and for 7 successive days before progressing to the next file in the series. There are 4 files in total so this training will take 28 days to complete by which time your mind will be MUSH.

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It is sessions like this that make Domina Shelle so fascinating and compelling. As a devoted servant of Domina i fully appreciate how powerful She is and how incredibly addictive her conditioning can be once You learn to trust Her. After that there really is no way back because the bliss of being so thoroughly dominated and controlled is indescribable and everyday Her hold on You strengthens even when you are unable to trance to Her voice.

This is why the cautionary note referenced in the description is not for effect, it is a real valid warning that what Domina does is not restricted to fantasy play it will pervade into your reality and eventually will change you. my own transformation from a cautious submissive to a devoted chastity slave was through looped indoctrination sessions like these that slowly, almost imperceptibly, change your perspective.

Domina Shelle is the ideal dominant if you are interested in real sexual and mental enslavement by a caring and considerate Owner. i would personally follow Domina where ever She led me that is how much faith i have in Her and i think You would be doing Your submissive self a very big favour by listening to this series and surrendering to Her absolute authority. It will probably be the best decision you will ever make!