Broken and Branded

Broken and Branded

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 41 minutes

My sweet, W/we have an obligation to each other, you serve and obey Me and, as your Owner and protector, I take full responsibility for all your erotic and trancetic needs. W/we've established a very intimate relationship where I give so much of Myself through O/our special exchanges and, in return, I expect your devotion and loyalty to Me so that I can perfect your submission and subservience.

But, My slave, I also know your weaknesses, your fear of commitment, your irrational need for freedom, even those nagging temptations to explore your submissive self outside the safe confines of My world. I know you've pondered this, even indulged these desires, and I'm going to show how disruptive and destructive these thoughts are and why I am the only Mistress and TRUE Domina for you.

Yes, you need to face your past indiscretions and recognize this pattern of behavior needs to change. All transgressions have consequences and through a combination of hard truths, and some tough love, I will dispel your illusion of independence by trancetically branding you as My property, My forever slave. This intervention will make U/us stronger as I bind you to My absolute authority ensuring I'm the only true focus for your submissive self.

So, prepare to be Broken and Branded, My pet, as I entrance and mesmerize your mind teaching it the important truths of loyalty, dedication, obedience and devotion. I'll also use this opportunity to supplant your fetish cravings with an insatiable addiction to submit only to Me, erotically enslaved to My will forever and always. There's no way back, there's only acceptance and submission, and you're a trance away from being liberated from yourself. (giggles)

Be warned, this session employs trancetic fractionation and other subtle brainwashing techniques to condition your mind to be open and receptive to all My suggestions. There is also a mantra associated with this session that should be repeated aloud, or to yourself, five times after listening to the session. This will reinforce your desire to surrender, submit and obey to the Magistrate of your Mind, trancetic Domina.

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Shelles Slave Bubbels

This file was an emotional rollercoaster that took me into a deep state of reflection... Domina Shelle is truly AMAZING to us and she completely deserves our absolute and complete Loyalty and Obedience... Domina Shelle is incredibly strong and is the only Mistress for this slave... I've listened to erotic trance for at least 15 years and have never met someone more deserving of my complete submission and slavery then Domina Shelle... Domina Shelle owns me for life and I give to her my COMPLETE loyalty and obedience....

Shelles Slave Bubbels