Captive Dreams

Captive Dreams

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 40 minutes

Hello, welcome to Dr Shelle's clinic for Neuro Psychology and trance-Erotic Sleep Therapy. Don't be alarmed by the unconventional title, Professor Shelle - Our beloved Owner and resident specialist - is a world renowned researcher and She has yielded amazing transformative results turning doubtful patients into loyal clientele willing to do anything to solicit more of Her unique services.

I must say, you must have impressed Our Domina - that's how We refer to Dr Shelle - since only the most compelling consultations pique Her interest and She specifically requested We schedule your therapy session as soon as possible, hence why you're here, at such short notice, today. your case notes indicate something to do with nightmares and a recurring feeling of "losing yourself to a powerful Woman", is that correct? Yes, We call them Captive Dreams and I'm sure Domina is going to find the source of those fears, reframing them with Her special therapy turning your neurosis into a pleasurable experience so you sleep peacefully every night.

In fact, after just a couple of sessions you're going to feel like a new person! With Domina's guidance you'll gain a whole new outlook on life, so don't be surprised if you find yourself becoming obsessed with admiring powerful Women because sometimes the best means to treat, and overCUM, your trauma is to fully embrace it.

I've noticed you keep staring at My new white latex nurses outfit, do you like it? We try this new look to help Our clients achieve the right state of mind prior to therapy sessions.

Well, prepare yourself now for a life-changing experience and Domina will be with you shortly to give you a whole perspective on life. See you in your dreams... (Giggles)

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Customer Reviews

Shelles Slave Bubbles

Every night, I've been dreaming about Domina Shelle More and MORE... Domina has truly captured me and taken over my dreams in the sexiest of ways possible... Every day of my life is a literal dream cum true being Dominas loyal and obedient slave and she sweetens the deal every week by constantly tightening her control and expanding her power and influence over me... This session is VERY powerful and WILL have lasting effects... There is truly no escape from Dominas sexual charm and magic... She will own you and remind you often in the best possible ways imaginable...

Shelles Slave Bubbles