Chained Submission - HandsFree Orgasmn

Chained Submission - HandsFree Orgasmn

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A femdom erotic trance by Madame Jade Paris
Chained Submission - Hands Free O

(Top layer)

Hello, you are about to become My pet…with heavy chains and handcuffs and shackles around your ankles….are you ready for that?


Relax and breath deep as My voice pokes and prods you….

Could you be trained to be the perfect submissive, so deeply serving …

I will put you through a very intensive experience so you can make up your mind to see if this is something you can handle.

(Bottom layer)

(Top layer)

Covert induction, as you visualize Me putting you in cold metal chains and cuffs…hear the cuffs click as I drop you deep…

Focus on your deep breathing and visualization pet…

Just let it happen…go very, very deep… then return to wakefulness to be aware of the weight around your ankles…and as
You feel it is time to drop back down again…you feel the weight pulling you deeper and deeper, further and further
into a blissful state of surrender.

The cuffs are a pleasant comfort to your surrender…. A confirmation to your surrender…an agreement…

Feel the coldness of the chains… the individual links pressed upon your body…

Even though bound…if I asked you to clean or cook something in the kitchen… you could, it wouldn’t be impossible…you can
Still walk…even though it may be a little difficult …and every step reminds you of the chains…

You are wondering if the chains are linked to something….

(Bottom layer)

You should practice pet….and also, bringing yourself to the edge before we session, is a very good idea…the arousal, pleasure sensations
That will be found in My erotic suggestions will then be closer to mind once in session.

You may need to improve your imagination…you can do this…

On a daily basis, be attentive to touch, internal feelings, scents….things that you would normally tune out.

Without touching but definitely feeling the energy going through your body…I’m going to build up that energy, higher and higher as
Your mind drops, your body will rise, higher and higher…

The sound of the chains makes your cock grow harder…

Countdown to cum…follow the ups and downs, the cravings and wants as your body feels the need to release.

You in the nude in cold chains…. “CHAIN” = YOUR COCK gets harder…

…..much more…

**This Hyppn0tik MindMelt contains: Multi-layered sound tracks including a covert underlying track, chains, brainwashing, mental domination, domestic servitude, hands free orgasm fractionation,
count down with finger snap, mesmerizing spiral, crystal, hypn0t1c suggestions, seductive mind manipulation, My sexy erotic breasts, lips, gloves, and corset, light sound textures and sound effects.
EXTREME FEMDOM CONTROL, true Hipn0siz, sizzling arousal, feels so good.

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