Chemical Seduction

Chemical Seduction

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 62 minutes

Imagine your brain utterly intoxicated on Me. your future set in stone, your destiny bound to Me forever. This is because I enthrall all your senses, My sweet Southern voice whispering into your brain, the look and feel of My breast as I cuddle close to your body, the taste of My sexy feet as you tenderly kiss in abject devotion, and, last but not least, My mesmerizing and ALLURING scent that leaves you powerless to My every decadent whim.

Mmmm, in My presence you will find yourself Hard and love drunk for My Dominance, your submission defining every aspect of your existence in this moment. Subjugated, your trancetically DEVOURED mind can’t get enough of My brainwashing, a compulsion that cannot be suppressed. If that was not enough, My pheromones then overwhelm you, enfusing with your dopamine to create an erotic cocktail that leaves you susceptible to My every charm. High from infatuation, your mind is now infected with My seductive lure, dazed eyes are just a venier to the indoctrination I have planned for you. (giggles)

you see, I have many personas, many disguises, but I always feed your lust, your passion, your every desire to submit to a higher authority. Every move I make strips away your resistance leaving you totally exposed in My presence, powerless without any hope of escape.

This is not your first visit to My tent and it will not be the last... long ago I addicted you and you always come back to Me over and over again...

SEXY, SEDUCTIVE, ALLURING. Extremely DEEP EROTIC trance, Brainwashing, Ultimate Mind Control.

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Few can vividly weave a world around the listener as they are lulled into trancetic trance and fewer still have the gift to skilfully erotically subjugate the subconscious into fixating on the Dominant. But Domina Shelle can do this and so much more and She demonstrates the entire repertoire of Her talents in this amazing session implanting powerful suggestions that leave you gasping to surrender to Her will. This session is all about assailing the senses and intoxicating the listener with Her passion and playful nature. It is a love spell of sorts, using lust and adoration to subvert your desires and focusing them entirely on Her. The results are breathtaking and beyond most trance fetishists dreams, a vivid reality of surrender and submission to a very sensual Mistress. Yet, She takes it further and plants the seeds of your enslavement, a reminder that She believe is real D/s relationships where the s is not for submissive it stands for slave. This is what makes Her truly special!