Corona Daze

Corona Daze

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 40 minutes

My pet, are you feeling lost and anxious as your world is turned upside down due to isolation and fear of the unknown? Well, in this trance mp3 I want to remind you that you're never truly alone, I'm always with you! I reside in your mind and in your dreams, covertly guiding you and instructing you, keeping you safe and filled with purpose.

And what better distraction from your daily malaise than to surrender to My voice, My words, My wisdom, as I cleanse your mind of this Corona Daze. Escape with Me to My world of Erotic trance domination and control, where your submissive mind is free to submit to a Domina you adore above all others, and where My trancetic charms leave you mindless, blank and open to the possibilities of real permanent submission.

I offer you this, and so much more, to be forever mine in a world of unending subjugation. After all, choice is really an illusion for a true submissive like yourself and what you really crave is to surrender to a higher authority, to someone that makes all the decisions knowing what you really need: to submit, to serve and to obey Me, the Mistress of your Mind and the Proprietress of Domination!

I understand, for some, these truths may appear intimidating, even a touch arrogant, but I can assure you I do have the pervasive power to subvert you, to transform you and to perfect you. Deep down W/we both know this is what you secretly desire, to surrender mind, body and spirit, to a enthralling female Dominant like Me.

So, prepare to relinquish the last of your free will as My mesmerizing anxiety treatment provides you with a therapeutic and transformative experience, one that will leave you forever changed.

Note: Pervasive and Powerful....STEP INTO MY TRAP.

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This programme is a real and actual mind blowing session.
Right from taking me down and making me deliciously blank and thoughtless.
So soft and sensual yet strong and deep........
Oh Please accept my key my Domina, PLEASE!
Please protect me and keep me safe in my cage.
Wow, what am I saying???
Like I say this file is Beautifully strong mmmmmm!


Given the uncertainty in life at the moment with health concerns, mixed messages from government officials and, for many, a self imposed confinement to try to protect loved ones, we all need some sense of security and hope that our lives can return to some semblance of normality. This is where Domina Shelle helps us and dispels the Corona Daze. All it takes is to close our eyes, open our minds, and let the sweet words of Domina to lull us into Her world of submission/ servitude, a place that frees us from stress and anxiety and binds us to Her authority and control. When you submit to Her suggestions you open yourself to possibilities you could never imagine and once you have experienced how this transforms you emotionally and you are forever changed. This session captures this and, in a way, captures you because when given a choice to leave Her dominion you will very likely choose to stay, such is the desire to be a part of Her world and to be forever dependent on Her guidance.