Covert Conditioning Loops

Covert Conditioning Loops

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

My Covert Conditioning Loops are designed to anchor in your susceptible mind the clear notion that you are forever dependent on Me for all your erotic needs. When listened to repetitively thru out the day or as you sleep on a looped playlist, My seductive voice lulls your subconscious mind to become attuned to words, trusting My suggestions and accepting My TRUTHS. This specific set of affirmations will covertly and progressively develop a slave mindset, with you as My willing servant and Me as your all powerful, all knowing Domina. Don't be surprised if you find yourself absentmindedly repeating My words, either quietly aloud or with My voice in your mind, this is just confirmation that My suggestions are working and are becoming a mantra for your conscious mind.

Although these LOOP sessions are not My traditional trancetic sessions - there is no induction, deepener or wake up sections - they are nonetheless compulsive conditioning files that contain subliminal messages and use neurolinguistics to reformat your desires to align with your reverence and devotion to Me. Such conditioning is designed to leverage off, and be used in conjunction with, My traditional trance enslavement/ erotic brainwashing session files that require a deeper state of trance and, for you horny slaves, privacy. (giggles)

My pet, these loops can be listened to as you work, exercise, sleep or just relax. Perfect for almost anytime helping to reinforce the TRUTH that I am always with you in your mind, and in your heart.

WARNING: Although these sessions may appear benign, repetitive conditioning with these loop sessions may have irreversible effects on you. Listen at your OWN risk because once you are attuned to My words and the cadence of My voice there is no return for you. Also, NEVER listen to My voice when driving or using heavy equipment, especially these loop files. Even without a direct induction or trigger phrase, My prior MIND CONDITIONING is very powerful and can drop you into trancetic trance. Take care, My puppy, and listen responsibly...

Note- Listen in Numerical order and choose your favorite loops.

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