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A femdom erotic trance by Goddess Hilary Blaze

I hate weak slaves. The slaves who are afraid. Show me that your true nature of slave is ready to undergo this hipnotic treatment of devastating and dangerous brain massacre. I will lead you deep in the perversions to bring you to a dark place where your brain will be alienated forever. Destroyed in many small micro particles and thrown to rot in the immensity of the universe. You'll find yourself being just a robot, without a brain, your brain will be disintegrated and you'll be my automaton. A totally devoid of will, which exists only to be programmed by me. Your life is in my hands. Your brain is in my hands. Enter this video, come .. do not worry .. your brain will not need you anymore. This video includes: a powerful brainwashing, cancellation of will, massacre of the brain, transformation into a robot, transformation into an automaton, vocal effects, visual effects.

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Customer Reviews

Alfons Hagemann

Awesome! An absolute powerful trance. Can't stop listen to the Goddess divine voice ever and ever again.

Alfons Hagemann