Dark Room - Initial Indoctrination

Dark Room - Initial Indoctrination

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 66 minutes

Do you want to experience a trance so deep that you will be consciously unaware of your surroundings, open and compelled to act upon My every suggestion? This is what awaits you in My Dark Room, a place where I have the power to relax and arouse you, and where nothing exists but My voice and My will. It is a place to subjugate your unconscious mind and wash away any thoughts of resistance until you become a happy, compliant and submissive subject primed for trancetic brainwashing and the intense erotic pleasure associated with My control.

This session will take you deeper than you have ever been before, totally blank and empty, and do not be surprised to awaken, HORNY and AROUSED, with no FIRM recollection of what happened for the prior hour. What you will feel though is an overwhelming desire to listen to this session again, craving to listen to My voice, and intent on recalling what you have been programmed to do. My brainwashing and submissive conditioning is designed to train your mind to accept that My wants and needs are your commands, and only through obedience and servitude to My authority will you be granted the intense erotic pleasure of arousal and release!

Know that what I offer you is more than a simple erotic fantasy, this is a journey into real submission. It is about living a more selfless life where your Dominant, Me, becomes the focal point of your submissive desires and together through trancetic trance we explore the many virtues of Domination and submission (D/s) as I indoctrinate your mind to do what I want without thought or question. you know you need to submit to a higher authority and with this session I can makes these dreams CUM true.

So, if you're ready to experience my trancetic brainwashing to its fullest, enter My Dark Room and let the velvety darkness of the deepest trance descend on your conscious thoughts, as My trancetic seduction strengthens our D/s bond, further addicting you to My voice and control.

WARNING: This session contains multiple deepening sequences and subliminal tracks, so prepare extra time after this session to awaken from a very deep trance. Also expect some sustained localized swelling in my highly suggestible subjects... (Giggles)

For Entertainment Only.

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This session is absolutely sublime. i rarely experience any form of amnesia when listening to sessions, whether suggested or not, but this session, and Domina Shelle's powerful delivery, blew me away. i do not recall ever going this deep in trance before and it is exquisite in so many ways: the epic emotions immediately after awaking from trance; the erotic pleasure of knowing that i have been thoroughly dominated, subjugated and indoctrinated; and, the resolute belief after listening to this session that Domina is the Mistress of my mind.

Anybody and everybody that has any interest in trance fetishism needs to listen to this session to recognize just how talented Domina Shelle is. This session transcends eroticism and really does promote a real journey into submission.