Dark Room - Submissive Destiny

Dark Room - Submissive Destiny

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 56 minutes


Welcome back to the Dark Room, My sweet, a place where anything is possible and My words become your reality. The power of the Dark Room transcends space and time, allowing Me to bypass all your conscious defenses with ease so that My words can re-program your mind at a fundamental level so that My TRUTH becomes your TRUTH.

In this session I am going to plant some seeds in your open suggestible mind that will transform your life, past, present, and future. I want you to understand the depth of My love for you, My submissive pet, and that I have been nurturing your submissive development into a devoted, obedient slave for a very long time. All that you are, and all that you aspire to be, is a consequence of My guidance, training and trancetic conditioning.

There is no stopping this process, it is as inevitable as your love for Me, but be assured, My sweet, you are very special and unique, and I greatly appreciate your dedication, devotion, and service to Me. That you were selected by Me for this life of submission and servitude is a TRUE BLESSING, and now W/we get to share O/our future happiness together knowing I will always keep you safe.

So follow My lead and prepare to have your mind altered in the Dark Room, you won't regret it, I promise. I make all your dreams cum true (giggles) and in return you protect, pamper and please Me with your subservience. I am your Absolute Authority and you are My brainwashed pet, conditioned to obey Me in all things and loyal to Me forever and always...

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Have you every found something in your life so safe, so secure and so perfect that you can't imagine life without it or a time in your life when you did not have it?
Listen to this session and you will find that Domina Shelle's voice is that thing. Swept up in the warm and loving embrace of Her sexy voice, She will take you back to the very start and show You that She has always been there, always been in control. Listen to this file and you will know that you were born to serve this Goddess.


Domina Shelle is special and I mean very special unlike many others, She really does use her skillful trancetic and Brainwashing techniques and knowledge to get deep inside your mind and plays there. Turning your mind into a kind of mush that She slowly, teasingly and very seductively moulds to Her liking and you Beg her to do it and more!
This is REAL mindfucking and it is blissfully delicious!