Depth of Servitude

Depth of Servitude

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 58 minutes

CAUTION: This is a deep erotic trance session and you will want to listen to this mp3 in complete privacy, somewhere you will not disturb others! This audio session may TWIST your DESIRES.

My obedient servant, it's time I give you a tantalizing peep of your future self: Naked, caged and bound to Me in permanent servitude. A trusted live-in slave is not a role for the half-hearted, nor is it for those seeking mere escapism, it is a position of privilege and honor where absolute devotion to Me, your Owner, is paramount. As your Domina, I demand, and expect, your blind obedience to the extent that My every whim becomes your intimate desire and your every thought is obsessed with My happiness.

To achieve this exalted status of subservience to your Domina requires a fundamental realignment of your concept of self and of your service to Me. First, I must dispel the illusion of your free-will and the myth that My trancetic training sessions are just flights of fantasy, an opportunity to step away from your daily life and indulge in some erotic reverie. If you seriously crave to be perfected, you need to acknowledge, and wholly accept, your mental enslavement to Me is REAL, fully embracing your Submissive Destiny, kneeling and serving at My feet.

In this session you will taste the rewards of what it means to be a dedicated, fully committed servant to your Domina, open to My sweet, sexy, seductive words as they slip and slide into your suggestible mind. Initially bound, and kneeling in My presence, I have you enthralled and fixated on My curvaceous body, agonizing to touch My shiny leather boots and My nylon covered legs. Then the moment comes, as I allow you to fulfill your purpose and serve Me at My feet.

This is a lesson in the Depth of Servitude expected of My obedient slaves. So, let Me own you completely, mind, body and spirit, as you mindlessly relinquish all resistance to Me and surrender to a life of servitude, trusting Me without thought and without question. Choose blindly from the session versions provided knowing your FATED path - to CUM or to be CHASTE - is a sign of a divine providence.

you will be MINE, it's just a question of time, so why not lie back now and listen to a future too tempting and compulsive to ignore... (giggles)

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Domina Shelle @ShelleRivers is absolutely Gorgeous and with a voice which is pure Woman, pure sexy eroticism. All Her sessions are powerful and Her sensual, gentle and playful style of control is such a joy. This session is a perfect demonstration of these qualities, coupled with Her unrivalled skill as a trancetist, listen to this and you are helpless before Her.
Before i met my Domina Shelle i was never concerned with a woman's feet. Now i happily obsess over Domina Shelle's sexy nylon covered feet, happily serve at Her feet. This Angel Domina has turned my world upside down.
A must have session for a true follower of erotic trance, a compulsion for a true submissive.

Silver ghost

This has to be one of the BEST programs I have come across.
Domina Shelle @ShelleRivers is the sexiest smooth silky whispering Erotic trance Dom on the planet.
If you are into being teased at ground level with nylon covered toes that are graphically described all the way up to Her thighs and hearing the soft swish of Her nylon covered thighs rubbing over each other as She crosses Her legs, then you are going to be TAKEN by Her as I have.
Her soft sexy Womanly voice will wrap itself around your brain as She gently washes it.
Be warned, after listening to this file you will be on Her hook and She will slowly reel you into Her sexy silky honey trap!

Silver ghost