Diapered young Boy

Diapered young Boy

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Samba Alex

You enjoy wearing a diaper, you enjoy the diaper taking control, and you love your diapers for the freedom they give you. The freedom to be a little baby boy.

Whenever you are wearing a diaper, you will start to feel younger, like a baby, or a toddler, and when ever you are wearing a diaper, you will find that you are unable to become aroused so easily.

You might just find that once you feel like a baby,  you forget what kind of things would appeal to you sexually, and as a baby you are unable to be aroused, or sexually excited.

Wearing a diaper, any thoughts, or anything you see, anything that would normally make you feel aroused,  will instead increase your feelings of being young, and feeling helpless like a little baby. 

You will have complete choice as to what type of diaper, but you are unable to resist the need and desire to put one on, to make you feel like a baby. Every good boy wears diapers, and you want to be a good boy.

Duration 35:25, including brainwaves, diaper trance, and background music.

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